The practice of liberation from the female collective pain body

Now there is also female collective pain body just as there is the male collective pain body.
The female collective pain body that every woman partakes in has to do with dreadful pain suffered particularly through women being treated as slaves and as worthless property for thousands of years.
Not all ways, there was the time before that when women have their rightful places.
But for thousands of years in most countries, women became victim of patriotic mind dominated state of consciousness.

So, that becomes particularly pronounced when the menstrual cycle starts, that very thing that is your femininity in you on the biological level.
It is very painful, it awakens the female pain body just as it happens.

And in the old traditional teachings in Buddhism, they said “No. Women can never make it.
They can’t become enlightened because every time they go through the cycle, they lose consciousness.”
So they said, “OK, we have to exclude women.” And they did.
So it becomes more and more lifeless by doing that, and it becomes more and more mind-dominated.

The very fact is that the opposite is true.
If women can use that, knowing that that is the time particularly when the pain body arises, and become present at that time, it will be through that that women become very quickly now free of their pain body by bringing presence into especially when the pain body arises at the approaching menstrual cycle, bring presence into that and become very alert, watch the pain arising.

Watch it, allow it to be, be compassionate towards it which is what the allowing is.
Be compassionate one who allows the pain to be, and who is able to hold it, to hold the turbulence.

The state of presence is always the gentle embracing of what is.
It’s bringing a gentleness to it, which is a very powerful gentleness.
Bringing a gentleness to it and embracing what is, and holding it in that embrace.
And you stay present as you hold your pain, deep pain, and watch the turbulence of it, hold it.

The more you hold it, the stronger, very very quickly, your sense of presence grows much much stronger as you hold the pain.
And the pain will slowly lessen.

But it no longer matters because your acceptance of the pain is so total, you are not making that moment into means to an end, because I want to get to end of my pain.
Your acceptance to the pain is complete, and that is where your spiritual power lies in fully accepting it.

But, off course, now, it has not become you. It hasn’t become “unhappy me”.
You are fully there, you are fully present with it, you fully accept that there is the pain body vibrating in you.

And you may have to hold that pain for quite a while when the cycle comes, it can go on for a few days, and hold, bring presence to it.

You may occasionally lose it, and remember again, and be present with it again.
By losing it, I mean, I may succeed in moving into your mind and control your thinking again.
And then, suddenly you remember, and you hold it, holding it.
So that pain becomes incredible teacher, and every time it happens, you bring the presence to it.

That’s why women are going, it’s already there is always more women coming to consciousness groups than men.
Women will move forward more quickly now than men.
I’ve seen that, I am seeing it all the time.

And part of the reason is that they will be able to work with their pain bodies, which up to now has looked, has been in a great obstacle, now becomes the great help as you bring the presence to it.

Men still have, unless in touch with their bodies, women off course are also in their mind, but men even more deeply entrenched in their mind structures.So there is the difference. Off course, they also have their pain bodies, but the predominant thing for men is identification with their head, the predominant thing for women is identification with their pain bodies.So that is just a focal point.

Wonderful practice.This practice is so easy and so wonderful and so powerful.
It is amazing that takes humans so long to get to this point.
But transformation can be very quick now, very quick.

So make your pain body into your alley. Your pain body is not your enemy.
When you make it into your enemy, that's the old mind thing starting over, and even make the pain body into a problem.
“How can I get rid of it?”Forget about getting rid of it. Just watch it. That does it. Just watch. Hold.

And then, at first, the pain seems so overwhelming.
And the more you bring the presence into it, you realize how powerful your presence actually is.

And the pain ultimately is a just ripple on the surface of the vastness of who you are.
All human pain is ultimately the surface ripples or little waves pretending to be very big waves.

And when you realize the vastness of your being, then very quickly, it is only ultimately just a little bit of pain, but it grew itself up to a gigantic proportions.

That’s the practice of liberation.

*This is a quote from "Living the liberated life by Eckhart Tolle-03"

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