Eckhart Tolle TV Uncourse B "Ego"

It’s living in align with the present moment
You also align your will with the universal will, which you could call the will of God.

So you don’t have a separate will.

The separate will wants to enhance or strengthen one’s sense of self.
One protected, make it more secure, bigger, more special.
Separate will concerns with me, the “I”, the ego.

But there is a divine, consciousness, the one consciousness, that has the evolutionary impulse.

And so, what we are doing here every moment is to align ourselves with that.

Non-resistance is vital because as long as you are in resistance in the present moment, you will be trapped in the little egoic will.

And so the egoic will needs to subside, that is surrendered to the present moment, surrender to what is, means that the egoic will that is little me that is wanting something else, when you are align yourself with what is internally, you don’t resist it, looks at first like a possession almost like a weakness, and can be misinterpreted at often is people meaning it prevents you from taking effective action.

But the acceptance of what is totally compatible with responding to whatever the present moment requires.
Whatever wants to be created, manifested, done at this moment to be align with that, you need to first accept whatever form this moment takes.
And so, all you accept is not some kind of “this is how the situation is”, you single out this moment only.

This is why I occasionally give examples to make it illustrations to make it clear.

For example, when you are ill, you don’t go around and say, “OK, I need to accept this illness. I need to accept the fact that I am ill. You may have the name for the illness, I have to accept that I am suffering from this.”

No. Because that’s the whole conceptual thing. That’s the story.

You don’t need to accept any story.

All you accept is this moment as it is.
And there is never actually an illness in this moment as it is.
There is only the condition: a physical condition.
There may be pain.There may be weakness, disability, discomfort.
Those things may be there. (What do I feel inside? Insecurity, fear, anxiety)
That’s the only things you accept. That is to single out this moment as it is now.

Or some external situation.
For example, if you are stuck in the mud in somewhere, and you don’t say: “Okay, I am in the mud. I have to accept it, here I am. I am not taking the action because you have to accept what is.”

No! This moment is already always as it is.
There is nothing you can do about that.
And that’s what you accept.

Then the action that arises has a different energy to it.
The will that flows into what you do then is no longer egoic.

When you have not accepted this moment, the will goes against the universe almost which is ego always does.
It is negative. It fights something that should not be there. That’s negativity.

So if you use the negativity then you are trapped in ego.

So to have the access to the more powerful will, the little will of me that fights what is, condemns what is, complains about what is, denies what is, and so on, all the any voices avoiding the present moment, the little will has to subside for the more powerful will.

It is not you. Not as the limited form of you to flow through you and deal with the situation.

And the powerful will is very different from the willful will.
It is not isolated from the totality. It does not isolate itself from the totality.
It is one with the totality.

So when that operates, another word for the universe is the intelligence.
It is only that when you look at the situation, you completely accept the is-ness at this moment, and then, off course, the action may be required.

And once there is opening is there through acceptance, the next step you take to get out of the mud, or whatever it is, will be much more powerful.
There is no struggle anymore, there is just powerful right action.

There is a Buddhist term, right of the many things, right action.

Off course, the right action can only arise out of the right state of consciousness.
If there is not the right state of consciousness, you can not cultivate the right action.

So you have to get out of the ego first before you can have the right action.

So I believe probably Buddha was talking about that which flows from the awakened state of consciousness is right action.

And so, the greatest strength is to surrender the little will and the simple tiny act of surrender for the little will is to say yes to the present moment.

It is not a big thing.
I have to let go of my will…
No! Just say yes to what is because it is already is anyway!
Why complaining about something that already is?
It’s insane but normal. Nothing personal. Normal means insane in this world.

So, just to give up the egoic will.
Really, all you have to do is not complain about what is.

Be aligned with isness, people, situation, whatever.
It is already as it is.
It is the inevitability of is.

Become friendly with is, then, you become intelligent for the first time.
Even you are the greatest intellectual before, it is not true intelligence.
It is very limited intelligence.
You might have 2 Phds or 3, and can still be totally dysfunctional in your life. Could be.

Now, you contact, suddenly, you are in touch with the simple act of surrender to the inevitability of the present moment, another energy comes.

You could call that universal will, you could call that intelligence, you could call that the creative solution to whatever the so called the problem is in this moment, the situation is, you could call that power coming in that is greater than the limited power of your mind, although you may use your mind, and suddenly you say the right thing, if that’s what the situation requires.
Suddenly the words come, where do the words come from?
You don’t know what you are going to say next.
They come from the deeper level because that intelligence uses the mind then, it flows into that.

You and the universal…whatever the greater totality become one, and such it creates through you as this form.
That’s the beauty of it.

The unmanifested when it flows into this world, it assues form.
It may create suddenly most thoughts that people have in the unawakened state is almost all thoughts are repetitive, old thoughts, conditioned thinking, conditioned by the past.

So all you can rely on then is what you have accumulated in the past.
And you deal with thing with the conditioned thinking.

Now the simple act of surrender opens up your mind and it can be used as the instrument, and the thought may come in that is original and fresh and new because that is the birth of form.

The birth of form may first all be the birth of the thoughts, and the thought creates the form out there.

So the universe then if it uses you as a vehicle or channel through which it creates.
And again we are using the language which sounds as if there is you and the one consciousness are separates, but it is just words. You are one.

It uses your mind and become thoughts, thoughts become words, thoughts become physical things.

So that’s the way which the mind can be the helpful tool alignment with the greater intelligence, the one, the consciousness.

But it all starts with the present moment and what your relationship is with your present moment, so to speak.
Friend or enemy?

Are you allowing it?
Or are you fighting it, resisting it.

That is also the end of the ego.
Ego is always the resistance.
It survives through complaining, survives through denying, wanting something else.

So work with the present moment is the teacher, work with that.
That is all you need, really.

So that’s really the end of the little will, that isn’t all that powerful anyway.
And whatever creates creates more problems.

Seems so simple. It is so simple.
Because of the many thousands of years of habit patterns, often people tell me “so difficult to be in the present moment and allow it to be.”

Off course, the opposite is true.
Life becomes difficult if you don’t.
But that is how it appears. It is difficult.

The present moment acceptance, the form.
What you accept is the form of this moment.
No more.
Then see what’s needed.

You look.
You are not intelligent until it happens.
Not truly intelligent.

The moment you accept, there is a space.
And you look.
Not necessarily through eyes, but just directing attention.
And that is intelligence.
And that is still.

You are not thinking while you look.
Your attention is there.
That’s intelligence.

And then action may happen if it is necessary, if the totality requires it.

And sometimes holding that space of simple presence in a difficult situation where perhaps at this moment there is nothing you can do, sometimes that’s the case.
Holding the space of simple presence often activates other factors.
And then come in seemingly from the outside to change the situation.
You have activated the intelligence of the totality.
So it is not necessarily coming through this form.

This is why sometimes people speak of synchronic things happening, suddenly a helpful factors comes in, suddenly the right person appears, the right thing happens.

“Oh, how was it? How did that happened?”
Sometimes almost miraculous.

When you don’t know that, this is actually natural, seems like a miracle at first because most humans are not used to that.

When you hold the presence, very often, the change may not happen through your action.
There are many situations as I just said, where action at this moment is not possible.
Perhaps you just have to accept at this moment “Well, right now, this is how it is. There is nothing I can do.”
However, I can continue to be present to what is and alert and still, and accepting of the inevitability of this moment.

Then, the greater intelligence is activated.
And then see what happens.

Very often you will find change is happening in the situation through some factors that you could not have planned or foreseen.
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